Thank you for joining us at last week's Real Estate Market Movers' Happy Hour!

What a great night last week, but we don't want to networking and energy to stop there. Here are a few things for you to make the most of last week's networking event!

  1. Talked to or met someone you'd like to follow up with but didn't grab their information, let us help! Schedule a quick one-on-one with our "Colorado Real Estate Concierge!" We can help you track down someone you met at the event, find or refer you to contractors, lenders, partners, or anything real estate related! CLICK HERE to schedule a session with the REI Concierge!

  2. You attended Jason Roberts Session on Shared Housing, and would like information or would like to register for his Two-Day Shared Housing Workshop, CLICK HERE

    1. Also, Jason will be doing a full webinar on shared housing Wednesday, Sept 6th at 6:30pmIf you'd like to join for free, use this link:

  1. Who do you know that you'd like to introduce or bring to an ICOR meeting?
    September 19th (Co Springs), 20th (Denver), & 21st (Fort Collins). As a member, we would like to extend a guest pass to invite someone to one of three upcoming meetings!

    1. If you would like a guest pass and added to the registration list, please e-mail 
      1. Please include the following information:
        1. Name
        2. e-mail
        3. phone

Of course, if there is something else we missed or you would like help with, please e-mail

Thanks for being a part of Colorado's Nationally Recognized & Award Winning Real Estate Investing Community!
- the ICOR Team